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Why Choose Matrrix?

Matrrix is a trusted name in the life coaching and training industry. Since its inception 17 years ago, Matrrix has earned the trust and support of aspiring life coaches and learners flourishing in their respective careers.

Considering introducing an impactful shift in your career? Here’s why our learners trust Matrrix:

Globally acclaimed ICF-accredited courses
Comprehensive and interactive curriculum
Professional and experienced trainers
Experiential learning with experienced faculty
Become a member of the Matrrix community
Access to community webinars


Dominate with World Recognition

Dual certification with ICF-accredited Training Programs!

Matrrix’s ICF Life Coaching certification (CCE) + Mindfulness Level-1 + is a limited-period ICF-accredited dual-certification program that will enable you to establish your career on a global scale. Access to many mindfulness and coaching tools will enable you to acquire and empower clients from across the world.

Life Coach USA
Transformational Coach USA
Relationship Coach Europe
Executive Coach USA
Leadership Coach India
Spiritual Coach


Integrated Learning Experience

img ICF Coach Certification + Mindfulness Practitioner® © Trainer - Level 1

Course Specifications:

Ideal for: Candidates above 21 years

Duration: 30 hours of CCE

Objective: Learn the foundational concepts of Life Coaching and Mindfulness

Delivery style: Online

Language: English

Resources: Lifetime access to LMS

Discussions: Group discussions and query resolving

Community: Build a network of peers and hone the beauty of living a mindful life

Add-ons: Access to 5 psychometric assessments on Mindfulness Living, community webinars, free CCE hours, Mindfulness Practitioner® exclusive trademarked title, 1-year free subscription on the Mindfulness Practitioner app, and much more


the Global Leading Faculty Members



the Global Leading Faculty Members

Dr. Paras

Dr. Paras, Founder, Matrrix, firmly believes the mind is the greatest tool. As an ICF-certified Life Leadership and certified executive coach, he has partnered with organizations and individuals across the world to deliver world-class coaching, training, and mentoring. He has brought about a massive change in the way people think to facilitate growth and excellence. His unconventional methods have earned him immense popularity and elicited prestigious awards. He has executed phenomenal work in transforming organizations and the work culture while ensuring successful business decisions are made to drive firms toward growth.

Dr. Paras has actively transformed the facet of coaching across India and globally, making it more accessible and training and mentoring over 1.5 lakh people in the last 18 years with life and wellness coach certification programs. His training institute, since its inception, has mentored over 240 coaches for ACC, PCC, and MCC.


A Spiritual Coach with global experience, Ekktaa brings her vast expertise to the core offerings by Matrrix. As a Master Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Ekktaa has always been inclined towards spirituality, Veda, Somatic Coaching, and Reiki healing and brings this combination of skills as a value addition to Matrrix. She has transformed businesses through her teachings and coaching sessions for the corporate industry by creating exceptionally strong workforces moving towards a common vision. She has also worked with individuals in the areas of personal development.

Ekktaa is renowned for her expertise in providing interactive coaching and mentoring sessions to better understand the needs of the clients. Her active mentorship through Matrrix has shaped the lives of hundreds of coaches who are now leveraging the power of the billion-dollar and highly rewarding coaching industry.



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Clarifying your Doubts – FAQs

All of Matrrix’s coach certification programs are open to learners above the age of 21.

No, the course is open to anyone who wishes to learn more about coaching and steer their career in a new direction.

The fee of this dual certification course is INR 33,000/- (+GST) for the first 50 students. Following that, the course fees will return to the standard pricing, which is INR 66,000/- (+GST).

None of the processed payments for the course is refundable.

Yes, all our programs of the Life Coaching certification are ICF-accredited.

There is an evaluation at multiple levels throughout the program before you qualify to acquire the certification.

Access to the learning management system is available for a lifetime.

No, students aren’t allowed to use Matrrix’s learning material to train others.

Learners can kickstart their coaching career within 3-4 weeks after the successful completion of the training.

Polish your Coaching Skills! Learn with Leading Faculty! Train for Global Exposure!