Dr. Paras Daithankar

PhD - Organisation Behaviour
EIA Master Practitioner - EMCC
Mentor / Coach - ICF
Winner - ICF Young Leader Award 2018
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Matrrix is a Life Leadership Coach Training and Executive Coaching firm in Pune, India that trains and mentors individuals to discover their hidden potential. Matrrix partners with individuals as well as corporates and is armed with the objective of bringing world-class coaching to India. Matrrix has been founded with the core principles of 'Inspire, Empower, Transform' - a thought ingrained by Dr. Paras(Life Leadership Coach in India), Founder, Matrrix.

He firmly believes using the power of coaching to revolutionize a change. As a successful Life Leadership Coach Training and Executive Coaching firm, Matrrix helps you discover yourself, know what is most important for you, design a plan, and work on achieving your objectives. Matrrix partners to offer a commitment to personal growth for every individual and organization.


Matrrix aims to Inspire, Empower, and Transform every individual willing to be coached and trained to be inspiring leaders, motivators, and changemakers of the society. The firm stands by its values of excellence, courage, commitment, creativity with a strong company focus by enabling people and companies worldwide. Using these values, the firm has a vision of making coaching a way of life for all.


Matrrix is committed to provide world-class training to individuals, professionals, students, and people from every walk of life. There is a strong emphasis on coaching, training, and mentoring to stimulate self-awareness levels. Matrrix aims to transform people to be excellent coaches and trainers, leaders, motivators, and changemakers. The company is on a mission to be the topmost choice for organizations and individuals seeking a positive transformation.


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Our Story

Dr. Paras, Founder, Matrrix, firmly believes the mind is the greatest tool. As an ICF and EMCC certified Life Leadership Coach, he has partnered with organizations and individuals across the world to deliver world-class coaching, training, and mentoring. He has brought about a massive change to the way people think to facilitate growth and excellence. His unconventional methods have earned him immense popularity and elicited prestigious awards. He has executed phenomenal work in transforming organizations and the work culture while ensuring successful business decisions are made to drive firms towards growth.

Having done transformational work for over 14 years in the areas of behavioral patterns through programs like Self Discover Insight Series and Coaching, he has even forayed into hypnotherapy training and is a Mindfulness Practitioner. This further solidifies his passion for training, mentoring, and delving into the human psychology. Gifted with the ability to connect with people on a deep level, Dr. Paras has delivered high results acting as a catalyst for change. He aims to explore the depths of the human mind, helping people conquer their doubts, and erase self-limiting beliefs. He has established Matrrix in 2015.

Dr. Paras has numerous awards to his credit, including the prestigious Young Leader Award by the International Coach Federation, U.S.A. (2018).

Ekktaa Daithankar

Master Certified Coach - ICF
Entusiastic about Spirituality, Veda, Somatic Coaching and Reiki Healing
Winner - Spiritual Coach of the Year 2019 (by HRD Congress)

A Spiritual Coach with a global experience, Ekktaa brings her vast expertise to the core offerings by Matrrix. As a Master Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Ekktaa has always been inclined towards spirituality, Veda, Somatic Coaching, and Reiki healing and brings this combination of skills as a value addition to Matrrix. She has transformed businesses through her coaching sessions for the corporate industry by creating exceptionally strong workforces moving towards a common vision. She has also worked with individuals in the areas of personal development.

Ekktaa’s ability to connect with people instantly to initiate change and get rapid results has fetched her recognition globally. She has worked with clients in the areas of wealth and business management, goal formations, conflict resolutions, emotional intelligence, career development, and more.

A philanthropist at heart, Ekktaa is known to bring innovation to her methods as she combines the areas of psychology with spirituality and coaching. She aims to continue her studies to understand the functioning of the human mind and make coaching a way of life for all.

She has joined hands with her brother - Dr. Paras (Founder, Matrrix) to continue working towards the mission of the firm by inspiring, empowering, and transforming lives.

Ekktaa has been the recipient of the prestigious ‘Spiritual Coach of the Year’ award by the World HRD Congress in 2019.

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