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Topics -

All guest posts should belong to either one of the following categories:

  1. Counseling
  2. Energy Healing
  3. Mental Health
  4. Coaching and Mentorship
  5. Self Management Skills
  6. Stress Management Techniques, Strategies and Activities
  7. Positive Outlook
  8. Workplace Conflict : Resolution Techniques
  9. Methods for Managing Conflict
  10. Impact of Emotional Intelligence
  11. Relationship Management
  12. Team-building and Team Leadership Development
  13. Coaching : Executive and Life Coaching
  14. Fear of Failure - Defining Success Mantras

Guidelines -

  1. High quality content, presented in a well-structured format (bullet points, sub-headings), deeply informative and written in an engaging style for the readers
  2. 100% plagiarism-free. (Copyscape passed.) Post needs to be exclusive - it cannot be published on any other website.
  3. We love detailed articles, with a minimum word limit of 1500 Words
  4. All posts need to be proofread before submission (Use Grammarly set to U.S. English)
  5. Include relevant images, videos, infographics to provide interesting elements in lengthy content pieces (We love to present it well!)
  6. Include only non-promotional links to relevant sources
  7. Include only 2 to 3 links in content body
  8. Include a concise author bio. Bio can include one single link to your website or blog


All posts will be reviewed within 2-3 business working days. You will be notified immediately to initiate the process. If we do not respond in the stipulated time, you are welcome to submit on other sites.

What is the duration required to publish the article?

We receive many posts and would require at least 7 business working days once your post is approved.

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Email us at [email protected]

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