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Transactional Analysis


Transactional Analysis is a model known globally, used to understand human behavior, communication, and relationships with self and others. Developed in the 1950s by the Late Eric Berne, the Transactional Analysis model is created to develop the capacity to make new decisions that alter the course of life. This powerful method is used to deal with complex human behavior via tools and techniques that can be easily understood by anyone, everyone. This is an experiential way to take a look at one’s behavior and interactions.

At Matrrix, we train and coach effectively to nurture these thoughts as we partner with clients to impart knowledge about the Transactional Analysis model. With this TA corporate solutions program, our clients have built better relations with self and others at work, making successful decisions along the way while leading, motivating and influencing strong business actions.


The Matrrix Transactional Analysis program is developed to maximize a client’s personal and professional potential. Our methodologies used a systemized approach. We seek to develop 7 core competencies that bring massive changes to one’s thinking abilities. Clients who have undergone the TA corporate solutions program at Matrrix, have noted behavioral changes with a positive approach in their thinking, feeling, and actions.

The methodology focuses on understanding human communication that evolves from one of the three ego states - parent, adult, or child. Participants of the TA program develop the tendency to understand how people communicate and forge stronger relationships in business as well as personal life.

The process of learning starts with a pre-assessment program followed by a training program and is concluded with a post-assessment test.

The methodology is based on Adult learning process, aimed at reinforcement and retention of learnings, coach-led discussions, group discussions, meditations, assessments, experiential learning and much more. All these form a part of the TA corporate solutions program.


The Transactional Analysis corporate solutions program extends for 2 days.


Matrrix incorporates the core concepts for organizational development from the theory of Transactional Analysis along with an aim to improve the quality of life for all. The structure in our Transactional Analysis model has helped professionals work with great efficiency in all cultures while maintaining healthy relationships at every level. 

TA is about the ‘transactions’ that happen every time we exchange information with others, leading to greater interpersonal dynamics and a series of successful transactions. This program takes one on a journey of self-discovery while instilling new things and knowing the art of its implementation in the day-to-day tasks.

  1. The TA program makes people aware about the styles of responses one chooses in stressful situations. Professionals learn about Functional Analysis that makes one aware of one’s own responses and patterns. One learns to develop the power to reflect before responding and observe instead of using the flight/fight/freeze response. The development of these abilities helps professionals overcome impulsive behavior helping them turn into stronger personalities at the end of the session.
  2. The TA program is developed for participants to understand ego states as well as the themes and patterns that form the basis of our personality. The TA program goes into the depths of communication, interpersonal relationships, motivation levels, time management, attitudes, conflicts, and more.
  3. The program takes a closer look at transactions and its types that occur in daily life. The basic level of TA involves identifying the ego state. This ego state responds when a transaction is initiated. Participates get an understanding about the complementary, crossed and ulterior transactions in this program.
  4. Modeled on the key concepts of Transactional Analysis theory, the program is devised to expand on certain socially dysfunctional behavioral pattern also known as “games”. These are a set of transactions that we find repetitive in nature and sometimes act as a layer to mask the direct expression of one’s thoughts/emotions. Participants learn the multiple layers of emotions and communication through an engaging and interactive session by Dr. Paras, founder at Matrrix and an award-winning life coach.
  5. The program explains the necessity of the applications of ‘discounting’- this includes devising a systematic way to identify the nature and intensity of discounting which also acts as a powerful tool for problem-solving. One gains awareness of other ‘options’ to the same problem making this a must for corporates.

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Our Transactional Analysis corporate solutions programs are devised to bring a positive transformation in every client we partner with. We ensure all professionals are equipped to work around problem-areas while demonstrating high-level skills in the areas of behavioral patterns, communication, interpersonal relationships and more. 

Professionals also learn to tap their own potential empowering themselves to be better leaders and effective communicators everywhere they go. Matrrix uses a step-by-step process where individuals develop a robust view about their self and their connection with others.

The philosophy of Dr. Paras, an ICF and EMCC certified coach, being to Inspire, Empower and Transform, are ingrained deeply into every teaching methodology offered by Matrrix. He leads the corporate solutions program using a combination of techniques that best display his sound global experience spanning 14 years.


The Transactional Analysis program includes a focus on developing these 7 core competencies for every professional.

  1. Accountability: Learns to be responsible for all activities related to personal and professional growth while maintaining confidentiality. The ability to identify from one’s mistakes and developing a deeper understanding of the impact of one’s behavior upon others using a 360-degree view.
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Displays high emotional intelligence levels with an awareness of one’s own emotions. Has the ability to control emotions as per the situation and knows how to handle interpersonal relations in an empathetic manner.
  3. Interpersonal Relationships: Learns to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship with equal respect and sensitivity to all.
  4. Self-Awareness: The course ensures increased self-awareness and systemic awareness empowering individuals with the ability to observe and reflect their thoughts, actions, and behaviors on a daily basis.
  5. Leadership: Develops all the core skills for leadership while motivating and setting an example to others using the head, heart, and intuition. Demonstrates passion and compassion while dealing with others.
  6. Cultural Sensitivity: Has high awareness levels about the cultural differences and the similarities between people. Shows the ability to reduce cultural barriers while maintaining respect for all.
  7. Empathy: Developing an empathic approach towards all with a deeper understanding of the ‘why and how’ people feel the way they do.


The Matrrix Transactional Analysis corporate solutions program is a multidisciplinary learning approach devised to equip aspiring leaders to develop the best method for their professional life. It helps a professional gain meaningful insights to understand human interaction, communication, and a deeper understanding of the ego states. This is highly recommended for professionals at every stage of their career growth to build able visionaries for tomorrow.

A participant benefits in many ways with the Transactional Analysis program. We list a few.

  1. Higher awareness levels to treat everyone with respect. A TA program always makes participants aware of themselves and others around them.
  2. The ability to choose a new direction in life. A person can work on the current behavior and make new decisions that give them freedom from following a fixed pattern in decision-making skills.
  3. Improved focus on goals. TA helps a participant to free the mind from past thinking with a stronger focus on goals.
  4. A deeper awareness levels of the cognitive and emotional insights into one’s own problems.
  5. The ability to build and sustain relationships at work - within teams, with clients, and across cultures and locations.
  6. Excellent stress management skills
  7. Improved assertiveness levels to manage teams
  8. Greater levels of productivity with effective communication and transactions between groups of people

Our Transactional Analysis program is approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Assessments

Psychometric tests support a person to understand and evaluate skills, personality type, knowledge, and more. They are designed to be objective and are quite popular in every industry. Psychometric tests evaluate one’s motivation, values, interest, behavior indicators, emotions, relationships, and more. They include an analysis that supports a person to work upon specific areas as desired.

The results are an analysis of the chosen answers. The analysis is to be used as an area of improvement where needed. As every behavior can be modified, the analysis is not final and binding by nature.

The analysis is based on your chosen answers. Read the analysis, see where you need to improve and attempt the test after you make the modifications.

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The tests and their analysis benefits everyone who is willing to approach it with an open mind. The analysis supports a person to relook at areas, understand what needs to be modified and how to unlearn and relearn things about self.

If you have purchased the assessment directly, you are allowed to attempt the test only once. If you have purchased or received it from a service provider (such as an organization), you would need to check with the point of contact.

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