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The Mindfulness Practitioner Meditation App developed by Dr Paras Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is created to ensure people stress less while learning to enjoy every moment of life. Mindfulness and this art of being in the present moment with no attachments to the past or pining about the future is making waves worldwide. When you practice mindfulness by listening in to the sessions on this Meditation app, you learn to bring your focus to the present moment. Your awareness levels increases as you pay attention to the ‘what’ and ‘how’ you feel and look at situations without preconceived notions. You learn to unlearn old self-limiting beliefs to make way for the new.

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What’s Inside the Mindfulness Practitioner Meditation App:

Change nothing and nothing changes. With the mindfulness practitioner meditation app, you develop a stronger belief to change and empower your mind to discover new goals in life.


  • Includes 50+ meditation files voiced over calming music, breathing exercises, and hypnosis sessions to make you completely mindful about yourself. Dr. Paras, a life and leadership coach has personally handpicked and created each session to curate the best mindfulness sessions for you.
  • As a certified hypnotist, Dr. Paras has shared his most exclusive meditation and hypnosis sessions that make a listener mindful and aware of the present moment. The sessions empower a person to overcome problems with a renewed focus on improving life.
  • Includes multiple categories such as Happiness, Communication, Peace, Mindfulness, Calmness, Success, and more. Download Mindfulness Practitioner Meditation App now for the complete list.


The Meditation App aims to bring the concept of mindfulness into your daily routine. The Meditation App offers a diverse collection of audio-guided meditation sessions. This addresses scenarios such as dealing with a tough day, getting enough rest, learning to focus on the present moment, and more. The topics range from self confidence, finding inner peace, attracting wealth, stress management, anger management, personality development, and more.

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There’s a session for everyone! Afraid of public speaking? Get over your fear of public-speaking while listening to the soothing voice of Dr. Paras. Want to be a great leader? Empower your mind with the ‘Become a Leader’ session by Dr. Paras.

Explore many series below and gain valuable insights into life by Dr. Paras.

Happiness | Communication | Success | Peace | Calmness | Mindfulness | Healthy Relationships | Overcoming Fears | Emotional Healing | Expand your Thinking

Have a problem? There’s a solution to every problem right in the Meditation App. Download now to relax, improve your focus, be aware, and sleep better. Come, meditate with Dr. Paras and learn to live in the power of now.

Fit the power of mindfulness right in the palm of your hand with the Mindfulness Practitioner Meditation App. Created by Dr Paras Wellness Pvt. Ltd. the meditation app available on all Android and iOS devices is designed to set you free from all internal problems helping you live a happy and fulfilled life by being caring towards self and others.

Dr Paras holds a vision to inspire, empower, and transform every person on this planet.

I’ve shared simple and easy ways you can incorporate in your daily life. This will reduce stress and change your approach to life. Once we connect with our inner self, we live better and achieve success in all our personal and professional spheres

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