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Communication Skills

Establish Better Rapport, Build Trust, Strengthen Teams

Communication Skills


Strong communication skills form the core of every role in any organization. In today’s increased digital interactions, the display of excellent communication skills is not just limited to corporate presentations and one-on-one interactions. This is a crucial aspect for communication across various platforms such as online interactions via chat, email communication, online documentation, video interactions, and more. 

It’s this exchange of information that acts as a strong pillar for success for all organizations. With sound training, co-workers, clients, and other stakeholders are able to trust and respect each other while ensuring their thoughts are aligned to the business practices driving the bottom-line performance.

At Matrrix, we empower participants to understand the finer nuances of developing communication skills. They learn to overcome roadblocks and understand the importance of nurturing beneficial relationships. With the Communication Skills training program, our clients turn into effective communicators while honing their personal style. They embody exceptional leadership style attracting people to work with them, creating harmony along the way. Participants also learn to adjust and improve their communication skills as per situations and needs.


The Matrrix Corporate Communication Skills Training Program is devised to maximize a participant’s communication skills to establish better rapport, build trust, and strengthen teams. Participants apply tools and techniques to sharpen their skills and align everyone on the company values. We seek to develop 7 core competencies that bring a visible improvement to one’s communication skills. 

Clients who have undergone this Communication Skills training program at Matrrix, have noted the impact of the communication intelligence program leading to impressive leadership presence.

The process of learning starts with a pre-assessment program followed by a training program and is concluded with a post-assessment test.

The methodology is based on Adult learning process, aimed at reinforcement and retention of learnings such as coach-led discussions, group discussions, meditations, assessments, experiential learning and much more. All these form a part of the Communication Skills corporate solutions program.


The Communication Skills training program extends for 2 days.


This corporate solutions program explores the need to develop effective communication skills.

  1. The session is modeled to be suitable across multiple generations ensuring participants understand the relevance to communicate effectively across different groups that are spread across globally. All participants are equipped to work with different generations such as the Gen ‘X’, Gen ‘Y’, millennials, and Gen ‘Z’, allowing them to develop a versatile approach to sustain in a multigenerational environment.
  2. Participants also learn the tactics of giving constructive feedback in a non-judgemental manner while demonstrating best practices upon receiving feedback.
  3. The program explores the need to hone listening skills - an important part of communication that is often ignored. Participants learn how one can explore the impact of developing listening skills that teaches you to go beyond the spoken word.
  4. This session also includes the need to apply listening skills to all types of interactions. All participants also learn the right etiquette for their work meetings while demonstrating high levels of professionalism.
  5. There is a strong focus on handling emotionally difficult communication problems with ease. Most importantly, participants are able to identify problem areas that may arise due to lack of appropriate communication skills.

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Our Communication Skills training programs are devised to bring a positive transformation in every client we partner with. We ensure all professionals are equipped to work around problem-areas while demonstrating the highest levels of communication. Professionals also learn to facilitate better business relations by reducing confusion and averting problems caused due to miscommunication. Matrrix uses a step-by-step process where individuals develop a robust view about their self and their connection with others.

The philosophy of Dr. Paras, an ICF and EMCC certified coach, being to Inspire, Empower and Transform, are ingrained deeply into every teaching methodology offered by Matrrix. He leads the corporate solutions program using a combination of techniques that best display his sound global experience spanning 14 years.


The Communication Skills Training program includes a focus on developing these 7 core competencies for every professional.

  1. Communication Skills: The ability to understand the culture, and systems and learning to communicate with clarity. Can empathize with different generations and shows sensitivity towards self/others styles of learning processing and responding. Ability to question for clarification and being non-defensive while sharing information.
  2. Listening: Learns to listen to individuals and groups beyond just words (pays attention to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice) with the intent to listen before responding. And, has a high level of attention with a non-judgmental attitude.
  3. Accountability: Learns to be responsible for all activities related to personal and professional growth while maintaining confidentiality. The ability to identify from one’s mistakes and developing a deeper understanding of the impact of one’s behavior upon others using a 360-degree view.
  4. Decision Making: Shows responsibility and awareness of beliefs and values and how strategies and environment can be aligned to achieve a congruence in thinking, feeling, and actions as a result of sound decision-making skills.
  5. Flexibility: Learning to adjust as per the new information and changing scenarios in a fast developing business environment with a strong focus on goals.
  6. Influence: Learns the ability to be persuasive and convincing to manage conflicts through effective communication, keen observation, and strategies. Influences people to move towards the desired goals in any stressful situation with complete conviction to direct people to the goals and vision of the organization.
  7. Relationship Building: The ability to build and maintain relationships with care, empathy, genuinity and respect within internal and external networks while creating a win-win situation for all.


The Matrrix Communication corporate solutions program is a multi-disciplinary learning approach devised to equip aspiring leaders to develop the best method for their professional life. It helps every professional develop communication skills that form the base of effective leadership. A professional will find this program as a great platform towards self-reflection of one’s own preference styles as well as learning to develop a message mindset keeping the audience in mind.

A participant benefits in many ways with the Communication Skills program. We list a few.

  1. Enhanced levels of communication - clear messaging across various platforms, easy interpretation of information and increased ability to receive inputs in a non-judgmental manner
  2. Immense clarity across a diverse range of groups set across different geographical areas, regions and cultures. Ability to manage and communicate with people in a multigenerational environment (Gen ‘X’, Gen ‘Y’ Gen ‘Z’, millennials and more)
  3. Greater satisfaction levels of stakeholders with active communication, regular updates and engagement that is precise and clear
  4. Higher interpersonal influence through effective leadership skills via sound communication strategies
  5. Enhanced communication among team members with an improved understanding developing better interpersonal relationships
  6. Easy to introduce organizational changes and reduce resistance levels with effective communication skills
  7. Faster closure of conflicts, smoother management of teams with an improved communication system between leaders and team members
  8. Higher levels of coordination levels with free communication and a common approach to work for all

Our Communication Skills program is approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

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