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Life Lessons, 2022- A year of inspirations!

If December was a person, probably it could be melancholic in nature.

Ekktaa Daithankar
Ekktaa Daithankar
Dec 29, 2022
Life Lessons, 2022- A year of inspirations!

If December was a person, probably it could be melancholic in nature. We have finally entered the month of goodbyes or see you laters, reminiscing happy, odd and sad moments, and yes, New Year wishes turning into resolutions. 
I believe, every year is eventful to every person, it is just about the variation in time and space. 
For some it could be a year about events, situations, achievements, joys, sorrows, outbursts, strained relationships and new friendships. Sometimes, it could be about lessons, healthy discussions, new habits and silly jokes. For some it could be developments, improvements, opportunities, failures and new avenues.
For me, this year was about events turning into inspirations and actions-reactions turning into lessons! I mindfully decided to pick the wisdom around us to deal with December. 

Following are my 12, carefully curated, handcrafted, creative 2022 recap to reform. These are my own, from where I stand.

1. Women around the world need to brace up, pump their spirits and consciously avoid trying to portray themselves as disadvantaged. We are rising, with our own gut and wit. The norms are changing. Our country has been inclusive, embracing women leaders from diverse communities, recognizing the power of the disadvantaged and highlighting the spirits of the marginalized. 
Lesson Courtesy- A moment of rejoice on Election of respected Draupadi Murmu as the 15th President of India and Equal compensation for male and female cricketers

2. The rise and fall in life is inevitable. The rise will bring attention and celebration, the fall will be filled with discouragement, mockery, humiliation and sheer lack of empathy. During all these times, it is vital to safeguard ourselves, stick to the powerful roots, persevere and believe!  
Lesson Courtesy- The rise, fall and dawn of Virat Kohli

3. The world is brutal yet kind, everyone has a story to share. Emotions are oozing everywhere and people are struggling to manage them wisely. There are anger outbursts, hatred, and lack of empathy or respect. It is important to control impulses, rage within irrespective of event, a state of mind or a trigger. Emotional Management is an underrated yet the most required skill.
Lesson Courtesy- The Will Smith-Chris Rock Incident.