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Revitalizing ICF’s Core Values

ICF or the International Coaching Federation epitomizes the core values of coaching

Dr. Paras
Dr. Paras
Feb 26, 2022

ICF or the International Coaching Federation epitomizes the core values of coaching, creating a standard bar for coaches in every niche and detail. With its commitment to empowering coaches across the globe, ICF has very recently upgraded its organizational values.

Following the challenges that the world experienced in 2020 and the imposed uncertainties that still lie ahead in our lives, ICF has revisited its pre-existing values and prioritized the most important core values to the foreground.

Four Pillars of ICF’s Core Values

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) have revised their organizational core values to support and amplify the highest standards of professional coaching. ICF defines these four core values as more than “mere mention on pen and paper.”

These values embody the subsequent standards of professional coaching and empower coaches worldwide. Each of these values represents the ideal reflection of a global leader that the world is currently in desperate need of.

The introduction of these new revitalized core values will make coaching an integral part of this evolving society. It will support people's vision who want to empower this world through coaching.

Exploring the Revitalized ICF Core Values

As mentioned, ICF has introduced four new core values to support the impacts of coaching globally. They include:

  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Humanity
  • Equity

Each of these core values is part of ICF’s “Ethical Principles” that compete with the universal values in the world. These core values are also rendered to unite all the ICF coaches spread worldwide. Coaching aligned with ICF’s core values withholds maximum professional and personal conduct along with the coaches.