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Yes, Anyone Can Dance this International Dance Day

A day celebrated by millions across the globe!

Dr. Paras
Dr. Paras
Apr 29, 2019
Yes, Anyone Can Dance this International Dance Day

The lights were turned on and blazing. Excitement raced through his mind. The gentle beats of the song started to circulate all around.

The beats began with a slow rhythm. The song was catchy, his feet were already tapping to the music. He raised his hands and performed a pirouette. The volume turned louder as the beats turned faster. His feet moved swiftly across the floor, his eyes emoting every mood of the music.

There’s an artist inside every one of you

The soulful voice of the singer elevated the mood as the dancer spun around the floor, moving his hands gracefully. His eyes sparkled, and he covered the ground looking straight into the distance. A twirl of the hand, an effortless shimmy of the shoulders. The lips curling into a smile, he continued with great speed and grace. He thought he heard applause as he jumped up and landed in the perfect poise - graceful, full of strength, and confidence. The composition was now ending as he folded his hands in gratitude, beads of sweat trickling down his skin. He smiled to himself. Never did he feel so joyful, so happy, and brimming with energy as he did here today.

Right here, in his room. In front of the mirror. He switched off the lights and the music to look outside the window, enjoying the sensation of the cool breeze drifting gently in. His body felt alive. Yes, there was no audience. No standing ovation. But, it was here, right in his heart, where the applause roared.

Applause for dancing for himself.

He looked up to speak at the mirror, “Dance for yourself. Dance when you feel happy, dance when you feel joy. Dance to express your emotions. Dance because you love yourself.”

Dance is an Art. There’s an artist that lies within you. Every one of you. Dance is often considered for someone who has been ‘born with the talent’ to dance. Dance is, however, more than only a technique. This is a way to express your emotions. To liberate your mind, body, and soul. It can be performed by anybody, everybody. Dance is a way to reach a level of divinity within. It is a medium to experience the Navras - the essence of all our emotions.

What is the purpose of dancing you may ask? To this, I’d say, dance to express, communicate your feelings, and ideas. Dance because you want to dance. Not only for an audience.

Dance is about letting go, being carefree, and allowing the music to take over your senses

You can do a little dance right here at your desk. Dance a little bit before the mirror. Dance when its raining, right out there, in the wilderness. Sway your body to soft moves when you are taking a lap in the pool.

It is about connecting with your body and soul and listening to it. Dance is about letting go, being carefree, and allowing the music to take over your senses without always worrying about choreography.

On the occasion of International Dance Day 2019, I’d like to say….

Dance because this is an artistic expression. Because there’s an artist inside every one of you. Dance even if you think you have two left feet. I’ll tell you why.

5 Reasons Why You Should Dance for Yourself

  1. Dance is an expression - you can enjoy it at any point in your life without the need to worry about technique
  2. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood, focus, and build on your well-being
  3. You learn to set your own goals and not worry about expectations
  4. You can be yourself, and enjoy the process! You are a step closer to self-love
  5. Most importantly, dance is a great stress-reliever, a form of discipline, and a creative outlet

So, have you tapped this artiste yet? Have you set the dancer in you free from the shackles of your mind?

International Dance Day or World Dance Day was created to serve as a platform and encourage participation in dance the world over on the 29th of April. This marks the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre who was celebrated as the creator of ballet.

Happy International Dance Day from all at Matrrix!


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