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Advance Program in Counseling and Psychotherapy skills and Techniques

Elevate your skills in counseling and advance your career to a completely new level

Advance Program in Counseling and Psychotherapy skills and Techniques


Psychotherapy is used to treat mental health problems and emotional challenges. Counselling refers to empowering individuals, families, professionals, and more to meet their mental health goals, education dreams, and career aspirations. Both complement each other. It addresses a number of life’s stresses and conflicts which is done through intense supervision and training. 

Clients in pursuit of the best professionals always look for certified counselling and psychotherapy practitioners or even, accreditation by a professional association. Matrrix offers professional counselling techniques for individuals aiming to turn their passion into a full-fledged career.

Matrrix programs adhere to all the ethics in counselling to offer highly professional training in the many areas related to counseling and psychotherapy. The programs are headed by Dr. Paras, a renowned and trusted name in the field of psychology and coaching with a global presence. Our certificate programs are approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation.

As aspiring professionals, you will help people work on their behaviours to support them to live a joyful and productive life. With Matrrix, you can inspire, empower, and transform everyone you collaborate with, bringing higher satisfaction levels in your life; this being a truly rewarding career profile.

This Matrrix program is suitable for psychologists, counsellors, Life Coaches, social workers, physicians, nurses, and graduates from any stream willing to make a mark in the areas of counselling while building a strong foundation when working with people. Any person with a genuine passion to support people to rebuild their lives will find this career profile as a highly rewarding role.


The Matrrix counseling programs are developed to partner with aspiring professionals keen to make a mark in this exciting career. We use a systemized approach designed around the latest tools and techniques to impart the best quality education in this field. Led by Dr. Paras, Matrrix has created programs with a focus on developing all-rounded counselors who can specialize in specific areas of mental health. Students who have successfully completed our certification programs have demonstrated great results with their clients. This further supported in establishing themselves in this profession, making it a fruitful and immensely rewarding career.

Matrrix counseling programs include advanced levels of studies in counseling theories and techniques as outlined in the Structure section. We offer Virtual and Face-to-Face sessions. Applicants need to follow all the rules for assignments and complete tests on schedule to meet the certification requirements. Applicants failing to meet the desired criteria may need to repeat the evaluation process. Please connect with the program coordinator for details.

Matrrix counseling certification programs are experiential by nature and self-reflective. The process ignites deeper thought processes of learners that supports self exploration of one’s own behavior and patterns. The unique element lies in the inclusion of visual (videos) of trained and globally recognized therapists and counselors who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen areas of expertise.

 *Matrrix recommends learners to opt for individual counseling or therapy (for self). We also have a list of professionals who offer support through counseling sessions. Please click here to view the detailed profile. However, the same is optional for learners. One can choose a counselor or therapist of their choice who may not necessarily be included in this list.

With this certification, you can offer counseling in the following areas

  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Personality Development
  • Identity crisis counselling
  • Behaviour Change
  • Career Development
  • Person-Environment Interactions
  • Relationships - Marriage, Divorce, Living Relationships
  • Social -Adaptation counselling, and more.

The program offers you complete guidance to demonstrate essential skills and competencies as required by a counselor. The program cannot be considered as a degree or a certification that implies you are offering legal counseling practice. The same (licensed counselor certification) needs to be obtained from the relevant University. The Matrrix certification is an additional step to augment your counseling skills.


Platform: Online learning program through LIVE video-based learning models.

Who can join? Applicants need to be a graduate with a willingness to learn and a passion to empower people through counseling and healing techniques.)

Schedule: Please click here to check the schedule.
Duration: 12 months | Total 150 hours program, 78 hours of training. 22 hours of supervision, 50 hours of asynchronous learning.
Language: English 

Program Cost: Book an Appointment

Program details

Part 1: Counseling Skills: The part -1 of the program is aimed at imparting knowledge on the basics of counselling, understanding the roles and responsibilities, installing ethics, developing empathy and appropriate questioning with attentive listening skills.. The chapters of the program are outlined in detail as mentioned below.

a.  History of Counseling
b. Role of a Counselor
c. Ethical issues in Counselling Process
d. Developing Empathy, Probing Skills, Listening Skills 5. Effective Challenging
e. Assessments

Part 2: Cognitive School


b. CBT

The learner understands the application of REBT - Albert Ellis/CBT theory Aaron Beck to further explore emotional disturbances and its impact on behavior in people. The learner also has a deeper knowledge of the process to apply the ABC model to a wide range of issues, identify and restructure a clients’ dysfunctional beliefs, and bring a change in their behaviors and thinking patterns.

c. Mindfulness

Learners understand the application of Mindfulness practice to connect with the present moment without any judgment. This combination of Mindfulness techniques with breathwork is useful for aspiring counselors in application of Mindfulness on self and clients, thereby bringing greater mental clarity.

Part 3: Analytical School This section of the program is dedicated to understanding deeper theories and building one’s analytical skills through the study of Sigmund Freud’s work, Carl Jung’s theory on the human psyche, and Eric Berne’s transformational work of Transactional Analysis.

a. Sigmund Freud’s Theory

Learn the interaction of the ID, the Ego, the Superego that gives a deeper understanding of human behavior. A learner is equipped to know the interconnection while developing the ability to balance this “ego strength”. Knowing this theory with an awareness of a healthy dynamic interaction in the 3 components empowers a counselor to step into various roles. This expanded frame of reference and the ability to use different competencies such as excellent questioning skills and attentive listening skills supports a client to unfold their story leading to successful counselling outcomes.

b. Carl Jung’s Theory

Carl Jung proposed 3 components of the human psyche which are the Ego, the Personal Unconscious, and the Collective Unconscious. Learn these three essential components and their interconnection along with the four main archetypes for understanding different personalities. A deeper understanding of the Persona, the Shadow, The Anima or the Animus, and the Self brings a state of internal harmony. Learners get trained in its application in counselling to create successful results with clients.

c. Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis

Get trained to be an expert in understanding Ego States, Strokes, Second order Structure, Functional Analysis, Rackets, Games, Symbiosis, Personality Adaptation, Drivers, Injunctions and Mini Script. These components are essential to know how people are structured psychologically, their personality, communication, and their connection with self and the world.

Part 4: Humanistic School of Psychology - Carl Rogers’ Client-centered Therapy

Understand Carl Rogers’ approach to counseling to create a non-judgmental and therapeutic environment in the session. Learn the application of Unconditional Positive Regard to initiate a change in self and others. This is important to build a trusting relationship in a counseling session wherein learners understand the importance of accepting and supporting others irrespective of their background or choices. It develops important abilities to encourage clients to share their thoughts and feelings by making them feel safe to open up and by representing themselves as an unconditionally accepting therapist.

Part 5. Psychodrama Process

Learners understand important techniques of psychodrama which is an experimental form of therapy and an essential component to the counseling/therapy process. It includes concepts of role play and the usage of group dynamics with a purpose to gain mental clarity of difficult emotions. Learners are trained in the many techniques of psychodrama and group therapy. Some of the techniques include role reversal, mirroring, doubling, and soliloquy. Knowledge of psychodrama gives all learners an added edge to create a safe and trusting environment while benefiting clients with mood disorders, personality disorders, negative thought processes and more.

Part 6. GESTALT Concepts

Gestalt therapy is essential for learners to understand their self-awareness levels to know how they respond to situations and the environment. Gestalt theory is formed on the belief that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Learners understand the practice of the same in psychology where the belief is compared with “patterns” or “configuration”. An understanding of Gestalt concepts also brings the focus on the present moment enabling a person to deal with their difficult past experiences. These are useful to resolve internal conflicts and move towards being the best version of self. Learners are equipped with the knowledge of 3 essential principles which are Field Theory, Phenomenology, and Existential Dialogue that prepares one with a higher level of expertise for the counseling world.

Assessment and Evaluation Process:

All learners have to go through Counseling Knowledge Assessment (CKA) additional mentoring will be provided at extra cost. All learners have to submit 1 Case Study of client intervention and 2 Audio Recordings of counseling sessions (prior consent of the client) with transcripts.

This will be followed by a Viva to evaluate the understanding of concepts and clarity. Applications need to follow this with a presentation on their understanding of counseling and psychotherapy.


Counseling is in great demand as a career with avenues opening up all over the world. Matrrix offers advanced level course to train people with a genuine interest to empower their clients and achieve the best in life. We follow a strict code of ethics as all our courses are approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. Questions? We understand your concerns. It only takes two minutes to fill in the form below and we’ll respond soon. All details are confidential.

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The Matrrix Counseling Certification Programs are designed to create professionals trained using the best methods in the industry. We help aspiring professionals gain counselling skills that give a deeper understanding of the counseling theories as well as ethics and self-awareness levels. Our in-depth training programs are based on internationally recognized standards of quality and competence. All our training sessions follow the strict code of ethical practice. We use a step-by-step process wherein individuals first develop their self-awareness levels followed by learning to facilitate behavioural change in others using the best counselling techniques. The philosophy of Dr. Paras being to Inspire, Empower and Transform, are ingrained deeply into every teaching methodology offered by Matrrix. He leads the Counseling programs using a combination of techniques that best display his sound global experience spanning 17+ years.


The counseling program includes a focus on developing these 7 Clusters and 9 core competencies and 46 Behavior Indicators for every professional. Please download the full competencies and Behavior Indicators Click here.

  1. Clear Contract: Counsellor creates a protected and secure environment that enables both counsellor and client to cocreate and achieve goals..
  2. Open Communication: Counsellor ensures a viable communication channel is maintained and nurtured between the two parties while ensuring positive energies are exchanged between counsellor and client.
  3. Emotional Stability and Respect: Counsellor creates an emotionally nurturing environment.
  4. Inquiry/Questioning Skills: Asking questions that assist the flow of counselling and enable the client to become more aware.
  5. Technical Knowledge and Applying Ability: Sharing knowledge and information with client or using techniques that are matching context of client and becoming aware of the techniques that do not match the client.
  6. Awareness and Reflection: Counsellor has heightened awareness, periodically reviews processes / notions, etc. to validate that awareness, and facilitates awareness within the client.
  7. Ethics: Counsellor is true to the set principles, and conduct themselves in an honourable and honest manner, true to the profession and being aware of the boundaries in the humanistic counselling setting.


Counselling has many benefits for life-coaches, consultants, physicians, retail, manufacturing, nursing, therapists, teachers, housewives and more. With this certification, you can position yourself as a competent counseling professional to market your offerings to a niche group. You also receive learning materials that act as useful references during your counseling practice. A professional counseling certification with Matrrix also supports applicants to build their confidence and self-awareness levels, while developing a broader perspective towards life. You gain useful skills that give you an added advantage by increasing your chances for growth. You can choose full-time opportunities or work independently as per your convenience.

Every learner benefits in many ways with this program. We list a few.

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself
  • Learn to manage own goals and values
  • Improved relationships - personal and professional
  • Empower others to discover a new way of looking at problems
  • Bring the focus on solutions and results
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Initiate behavioral changes
  • Improved management of emotions - in self and clients you partner with
  • Raise the ability to solve problems and manage stress
  • Enjoy a highly rewarding career that improves the lives of others

Avail free Assessment

Assessments are essential to know one’s internal working behaviors and initiate a change where desired. They are an essential component of your counseling practice. Applicants get access to the following assessments completely free of cost for their personal and professional practice.

  • Matrrix PSA Personality Strength Assessment - 50 quantity
  • Matrrix EICA Emotional Intelligence Cognizance Assessment – 50 quantity
  • Matrrix EISA Emotional Intelligence Social Assessment – 50 quantity
  • Matrrix PGA Personal Growth Assessment – 50 quantity

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CounselingLevel-1 Counseling Skills and Techniques3 monthsNov-21VirtualDr. ParasLearn More
CounselingAdvance Program in couseling and Psychotherpay Skills and Techniques10 monthsMay 24th 2021 VirtualDr. ParasLearn More
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