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Foundational Certified Program in Counseling skills and Techniques

Learn Counseling basics and techniques with the Counseling Skills Foundation Program

Foundational Certified Program in Counseling  skills and Techniques


Counseling refers to the professional practice of empowering individuals to meet their mental health and wellness goals, education dreams, and career aspirations.  Counseling addresses a number of life’s stresses and conflicts which is done through conversations that support the client to discover their unhelpful patterns, behaviors, and acknowledge difficult feelings to release emotional load. The process of counseling creates space to examine these areas and replace them with a new thought process installed through the practice of counseling techniques.  

Clients in pursuit of the best professionals always look for certified counselors whose credibility is validated by the top-most certification bodies. Matrrix offers professional counseling technique certifications for individuals aiming to turn their passion into a full-fledged career with the Level 1 of this counseling program.

Matrrix programs follow strict ethics in counseling. The programs are headed by Dr. Paras, a renowned professional in the field of psychology, counseling, and coaching. Our certificate programs are approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation - a certification body that evaluates and credentilizes only the most authentic certifications in the industry.

As aspiring professionals, you will help people work on their behaviors to bring a change in their thinking, feeling, and behaviours. The process of counseling takes a structured approach through a collaborative dialogue process with an aim to support clients to overcome their difficulties with a higher understanding of self. With the Matrrix Counseling Skills and Techniques of the Foundation Certification Program, you can inspire, empower, and transform everyone you collaborate with, bringing higher satisfaction levels in your life.

The Matrrix programs are suitable for psychologists, counselors, social workers, physicians, nurses, and graduates from any stream willing to make a mark in the areas of counseling to support people in their healing journey.


The Matrrix counseling programs are developed to partner with aspiring professionals keen to make a mark in this exciting career. We use a systemized approach designed around the latest tools and techniques to impart the best quality education in this field. Led by Dr. Paras, Matrrix has created programs with a focus on developing all-rounded counselors who can specialize in specific areas of mental health. Students who have successfully completed our certificate programs have demonstrated great results with their clients further establishing themselves in this profession, making it a fruitful and immensely rewarding career. The Matrrix counseling programs include the Basic and Advanced levels in counseling theories and techniques as outlined in the Structure section. We also offer Face-to-Face as well as distance learning sessions. Applicants need to follow all the rules for assignments and complete tests on schedule to meet the certification requirements.

Our programs include:

  • Career Development
  • Person-Environment Interactions
  • Personality Development
  • Behavior Change
  • Marriage, identity crisis counseling, adaptation counseling, and more.


We offer different levels of certification programs in counseling skills and techniques. Please view the levels mentioned below.

Level 1: Counseling Skills and Techniques

Platform: Online self-learning program through video-based learning models. 

Who can join? Applicants need to be a graduate in any discipline with a willingness to learn and a passion to empower people through counseling and healing techniques.

Pricing: $24

Duration: 3 months | 60 Credits | 10 hours per week for 6 weeks. 

Language: English 

The examinations include multiple choice questions after every module. 

Applicants need to take the test on completion of every video as provided in the  the counseling skills and techniques program. This is an important step to receive a certification for the program. 

  • Minimum passing percentage required: 60%
  • Participants have access to the videos for a period of 90 days only.
  • Upon completion of the Program, all participants will receive a certificate from Matrrix that denotes completion of the Counseling Skills and Techniques (Foundation Level). Participants are also eligible to apply to the Iinner Universe Education Foundation (IIUEF) for the credentialing process.

Program details:

Counseling Modules

1. Introduction to Basics in Counseling skills

The Level 1 of this Counseling Program includes a comprehensive list of chapters for learners to get a firm understanding on the process of counseling, roles and responsibilities of a counselor, importance of ethical practices, display of competencies and more. The introduction is devised to develop essential counseling skills through a self-study format. Learners grasp all the necessary foundation levels techniques that support the exploration of their counseling practice.

a. What is counseling?

b. Myths of counseling

c. Role of a Counselor 

d. Process of Counseling 

e. Establishing Ethical Contracting Process in Counseling

f. Importance of Boundaries 

g. Demonstration of Counselor Competencies 

h. Understanding Compassion

I. Introduction to Important Psychological Theories

The understanding of psychology is essential to the counseling process. This chapter is a combination of important psychological theories and theorists. The concepts expand one’s thinking to develop higher levels of understanding of human behavior through tried and tested approaches. The theories offer a firm foundation for an understanding of behavior with the set of guiding principles focused on one’s internal states. 

  • Psychoanalytic Theory by Sigmund Freud
  • Analytical Theory by Carl Jung
  • Individual Psychology by Alfred Adler
  • Learning Theory Behaviorism by Ivan Pavlov - Classical Conditioning
  • Learning Theorist by Bloom Taxonomy
  • Learning Theorist by David Kolb
  • Existential Psychology: Logotherapy by Viktor Frankl
  • Gestalt Psychology
  • Humanistic Psychology - Unconditional Positive Regards by Carl Rogers
  • Psychoanalytic Theory - Psychodrama
  • CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy by Aaron Beck
  • REBT - Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy by Albert Ellis

J. Learn Transactional Analysis - Dr. Eric Berne:

Transactional Analysis by Dr. Eric Berne is an important psychological theory and a therapy that is used to decode social transactions. The knowledge of TA is used widely in counseling and psychotherapy to support a deeper understanding of self by analyzing one’s thoughts, patterns, and communication style that lead to the results created in life.

TA Program Details:

a) Ego-states
b) Strokes
c) Life Positions
d) Psychological Games
e) Racket Feelings
f) Functional Analysis of Ego-states
g) Injunctions
h)Drivers and Contamination
i) Discounting, Frame of Reference
j) Symbiosis, Transference, Countertransference, Projections, Retroflections
k) Time-structuring
l) Life Script
m) Life Script Patterns, Script Matrrix, and more.
n) Personality Adaptation
o) Different tools in TA


Counseling is in great demand as a career with avenues opening up all over the world. Matrrix offers Foundational level course to train people with a genuine interest to empower their clients and achieve the best in life. We follow a strict code of ethics as all our courses are approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. Questions? We understand your concerns. It only takes two minutes to fill in the form below and we’ll respond soon. All details are confidential.

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The counseling process that takes place between a counselor and a client is a therapeutic process. This professional relationship is nurtured in an environment of greater trust, understanding, open mindedness and the creation of a non-judgmental space.  

The core philosophy of the program is to raise awareness about the counseling process while understanding ways to explore underlying issues of human behavior. The program develops many important skills in individuals to make a positive impact on the lives of others. The counseling skills program initiates a transformation in self that leads to complete understanding of how humans connect and interact with each other. Individuals are empowered with deeper knowledge to support their clients to make better decisions for an improved life. 


The counseling program includes a focus on developing these 7 Clusters and 9 core competencies and 46 Behavior Indicators for every professional. Please download the full competencies and Behavior Indicators Click here.

  1. Clear Contract: Counsellor creates a protected and secure environment that enables both counsellor and client to cocreate and achieve goals..
  2. Open Communication: Counsellor ensures a viable communication channel is maintained and nurtured between the two parties while ensuring positive energies are exchanged between counsellor and client.
  3. Emotional Stability and Respect: Counsellor creates an emotionally nurturing environment.
  4. Inquiry/Questioning Skills: Asking questions that assist the flow of counselling and enable the client to become more aware.
  5. Technical Knowledge and Applying Ability: Sharing knowledge and information with client or using techniques that are matching context of client and becoming aware of the techniques that do not match the client.
  6. Awareness and Reflection: Counsellor has heightened awareness, periodically reviews processes / notions, etc. to validate that awareness, and facilitates awareness within the client.
  7. Ethics: Counsellor is true to the set principles, and conduct themselves in an honourable and honest manner, true to the profession and being aware of the boundaries in the humanistic counselling setting.


Counselling has many benefits for life-coaches, consultants, physicians, retail, manufacturing, nursing, therapists, teachers, housewives and more. With this certification, you can display relevant counseling skills by displaying a deeper understanding of human behavior. You also receive learning materials that act as useful references during your counseling practice.

A professional counseling certification with Matrrix supports applicants to build their confidence and self-awareness levels, while developing a broader perspective towards life. You gain useful skills that give you an added advantage by increasing your chances for growth. You can choose full-time opportunities or work independently as per your convenience.

Every learner benefits in many ways with the Level 1 program. We list a few.

  • Get a new perspective on understanding problems, issues, obstacles
  • Bring a balanced approach to life
  • Develop clarity in thinking
  • Empower self with improved decision-making skills
  • Develop higher levels of confidence
  • Develop a healthy relationship towards self, others
  • Maintain a solution-focused approach
  • Bring in higher emotion management skills
  • Get a deeper understanding on human behaviors, unhelpful patterns
  • Learn to move forward in life, support people to unleash their potential

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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Details and Process

The Foundation program is an online video-based program. You have access to the online lessons for a period of 90 days. If you are unable to view in the stipulated time frame, you would need to make a fresh purchase to view the same.

Every topic in the Counseling program is followed by a questionnaire that is designed to check the learners’ understanding of the subject. It also includes one question that requires deeper reflection and an answer of minimum 100 words.

We have listed the competencies for the program online. Please browse the details on

Payment and Pricing Queries

Refund Policies

Miscellaneous Queries

This program is useful for aspiring professionals or counselors desiring to add to their existing knowledge. Applicants who complete the program will receive a Matrrix Certificate of Completion. We do not offer a degree/diploma.

No, you can be anybody who would like to add to your skills or want to learn the techniques.

The foundation level is a self-study online process and extends for 3 months. The Advance Program in Counseling and Psychotherapy Skills and Techniques is a 10-month program. Write to [email protected] for the latest schedule.

Yes, of course! Any person with a desire for self-improvement with a willingness to support others in their journey can sign up for the program.

No, this program installs additional skills in counseling, Transactional Analysis, psychotherapy and various other topics. We do not offer a degree/diploma. You would need to contact your local University for the same.

No, you do not need a degree in psychology.

At present, we do not offer support to our students to acquire clients.

This Matrrix program does not certify students to teach others upon completion.

We are sorry. You are not eligible to teach counseling on completion of this program.

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