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Emotional Intelligence


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI), an important skill in all leadership roles, is necessary for an individual at every stage of the career growth. Leaders with higher levels of EI are able to manage and control their own feelings and actions as well as influence people they collaborate with during their career span. This shapes every professional into inspiring leaders at work who set higher benchmarks among team members and become better role models.

At Matrrix, we train and coach effectively to nurture these thoughts as we partner with clients and build strong Emotional and Social awareness. With the Emotional Intelligence training program, our clients build better relationships at work, making successful decisions along the way while leading, motivating and influencing strong business actions.


The Matrrix Emotional Intelligence Training program is developed to maximize a client’s personal and professional potential. Our methodologies used a systemized approach. We seek to develop 7 core competencies that bring massive changes to one’s EI quotient. Clients who have undergone the Emotional Intelligence training program at Matrrix, have noted behavioral changes with a positive approach in their thinking, feeling and actions.

The process of learning starts with a pre-assessment program followed by a Emotional Intelligence training program and is concluded with a post-assessment test.
The methodology is based on Adult learning process, aimed at reinforcement and retention of learnings such as coach-led discussions, group discussions, meditations, assessments, experiential learning and much more. All these form a part of the Emotional Intelligence corporate training program.


The Emotional Intelligence training program extends for 2 days.

The theme for the 2-day program includes:

  • Day 1: Self-Awareness - Intrapersonal
  • Day 2: Relationship Management - Interpersonal

A) Self Awareness - Intrapersonal | Day 1


This corporate solutions program explores the details of Emotional Intelligence helping participants understand what qualities are required to develop EI and how to integrate them in one’s daily life.

The program goes into the depths of the Permission wheel in Transactional Analysis, a model developed by renowned figure - Gysa Jaoui. Her ideologies that display the concepts underlying the permission wheel are unfolded in an extremely engaging session.

Participants also learn to identify their emotional triggers by learning about the fight, flight, freeze responses. One also understands to manage emotional health using sound techniques to overcome stress levels. The session also makes one aware of emotions which are functional and dysfunctional.

Participants learn to work on the congruence of Thinking – Feeling – Actions, to find the perfect harmony and alignment in all. This corporate solutions program also ensures participants learn to deal with passive aggressive behavior and overcome defensiveness in their behavior. There is a strong focus on the ability to operate from the “Here and Now”.

A participant also develops higher awareness levels of how the brain functions and the communication levels that happens between the body and the mind.

B) Relationship Management - Interpersonal | Day 2


The second day of this Emotional Intelligence training includes a firm understanding of the process of Filtration - Deletion, Distortion and Generalization based on the Meta Model NLP. This NLP meta model is useful to learn and add a richer experience in language leading to enhanced interpersonal experience.

Participants also learn to develop empathy and understanding and ways of demonstrating Thinking V/S Feeling personalities. This model gives professionals a deeper perspective to their decision-making skills helping participants make empowering choices.

The session is also aimed at understanding the importance of strokes which is inspired from Transactional Analysis. The goal is awareness with deeper levels of one’s positive and negative strokes and its impact on the relationships at work and in one’s personal life.

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Our Emotional Intelligence corporate solutions programs are devised to bring a positive transformation in every client we partner with. We ensure all professionals are equipped to work around problem-areas while demonstrating the highest levels of EI. Professionals also learn to tap their own potential empowering themselves to be better leaders and effective communicator everywhere they go. Matrrix uses a step-by-step process where individuals develop a robust view about their self and their connection with others.

The philosophy of Dr. Paras, an ICF and EMCC certified coach, being to Inspire, Empower and Transform, are ingrained deeply into every teaching methodology offered by Matrrix. He leads the corporate solutions program using a combination of techniques that best display his sound global experience spanning 14 years.


The Emotional Intelligence Corporate Training program includes a focus on developing these 7 core competencies for every professional.

  1. Self-awareness: The course ensures increased self-awareness and systemic awareness empowering individuals with the ability to observe and reflect their thoughts, actions, and behaviors on a daily basis.
  2. Empathy: Developing an empathic approach towards all with a deeper understanding of the ‘why and how’ people feel the way they do.
  3. Mindfulness: Develops a higher level of consciousness of the present moment and becoming mindful about self, others, and the environment
  4. Listening: Learns to listen to individuals and groups beyond just words (pays attention to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice) with the intent to listen before responding. And, has a high level of attention with a non-judgmental attitude.
  5. Genuineness: Is in congruence with oneself with increased awareness of feelings and a flair to exhibit natural behavior.
  6. Interpersonal Relationships: Learns to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship with equal respect and sensitivity to all.
  7. Decision Making: Shows responsibility and awareness of beliefs and values and how strategies and environment can be aligned to achieve a congruence in thinking, feeling, and actions as a result of sound decision-making skills.


The Matrrix Emotional Intelligence corporate solutions program is a multidisciplinary learning approach devised to equip aspiring leaders to develop the best method for their professional life. It helps a professional gain meaningful insights to his/her own behavior and bring about a transformation benefiting self and organization.

A participant benefits in many ways with the Emotional Intelligence program. We list a few.

  1. Higher levels of self-awareness
  2. Improved regulation of emotions
  3. Great social skills
  4. Higher levels of empathy
  5. Increased wellbeing at work
  6. Great performance levels
  7. The capacity to lead and motivate in every situation
  8. The ability to observe and develop a clear clarity for the team vision

Our Emotional Intelligence program is approved by the Inner Universe Education Foundation. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

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