Approved by the society of neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler.


Matrrix offers the best NLP Courses in India, approved by the society of neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler.

Matrrix presents exclusive NLP Training in India for individuals through highly engaging sessions. Dr. Paras, a life leadership coach and recipient of the ICF ‘Young Leader Award,’ 2018 spearheads all NLP Practitioner Certification programs conducted by Matrrix. 

He is an authorized trainer by Dr. Richard Bandler. He is also highly recommended as a NLP Practitioner by John La Valle (President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Be a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner with Matrrix

Ours is the first of its kind in India to be certified by the society of neuro-linguistic programming - Dr. Richard Bandler. Launch a successful career as an NLP consultant with our best NLP Certification in India. We offer three levels -

  • NLP Practitioner
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Coach

Who can Join the NLP Practitioner Certification Program?

The NLP certification in India program is useful for people from every profession, such as Coaching, Mentoring, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Finance, Fitness, and more. 

Professionals who are doctors, lawyers, teachers, fitness trainers, homemakers, etc. will find the NLP Practitioner Certification a valuable addition to the way they work with others.

Dr. Paras offer best NLP training and certification for Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and NLP coach. Join our best NLP Training in India to add important skills that empower you to think differently and carve a new path for life. 

Our NLP certification program is designed to drive a change in you to inspire self and motivate others.


Get the best NLP certification training from the best NLP trainer in India.

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Details about NLP Certification

1) Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Days: 7

Learn important techniques of NLP certification. Get a deeper understanding of the thought processes, feelings, behavior, and actions. Understand techniques of communication while raising the bar for self. Be a powerful speaker and display great confidence in personal and professional life. Read more

2) NLP Master Practitioner

Days: 9

This NLP Master Practitioner program offers you a deeper level of NLP. You become an expert strategizer while learning about trance states. You gain demonstrations of Hypnosis Advanced Inductions along with other technicalities of NLP (Timeline Patterns, Space Predicates, etc.) You also install positive beliefs that drive you to reach your goals. Read more

3) NLP Coach

Days: 5

The NLP Coach Certification Program is a complete NLP program to launch your NLP Coaching career. You learn the most popular coaching model of late Sir John Whitmore, the Inner Game of Work by Timothy Gallwey, Executive Coaching, Mindfulness, and more. Read more

Write to NLP programs@nlptrainingcertification.com for the best NLP training and certification bookings! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can you learn NLP online?

Yes, of course! Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) can be learned online with NLP Master Practitioner Dr. Paras. He offers 3 levels of NLP certification in line with the original curriculum. The program is approved by Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP. This certification is 100% authentic!

2) Does NLP work for anxiety?

NLP works on anxiety, fears, phobias, and more by changing one’s perspective and thoughts in the subconscious mind. NLP offers many techniques that raise awareness in your communication with the brain. The techniques address the state of anxiety, freeing oneself from the traps that are set in the mind.

3) How do I get certified in NLP?

An NLP certification is valid if it is approved by the co-founder Richard Bandler. NLP Master Practitioner and Coach Dr. Paras offers authentic certification (3 levels) to learn NLP and improve life. The levels are:

  1. NLP Practitioner
  2. NLP Master Practitioner
  3. NLP Coach

Dr. Paras holds 10 years of expertise.

4) How long does NLP training take?

An authentic NLP Practitioner certification like the one offered by Dr. Paras takes 3-4 months of training for each level and is dependent upon the hours per day. It’s essential to begin from Level 1 to proceed to the next level. A completion of 3 levels gives you mastery over NLP for professional practice. 

5) How much does NLP training cost?

The pricing depends upon the authenticity of the program. Dr. Paras’ NLP program is approved by Richard Bandler. The pricing for Level 1 begins from $1770. The certifications are authentic and are approved for practice on a global level. Booking for all 3 levels is recommended for additional discounts.

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Matrrix Programs Schedule

Schedule CategoryProgram TitleCredentialEvent DateLocationTrainer 
NLPLicensed NLP Practitioner™ - Dr Richard Bandler3 months11 February, 2022Face to Face (India -Pune)Dr. ParasLearn More
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