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Matrrix presents exclusive professional life leadership coaching in India for individuals and corporates through highly engaging and customizable sessions. Dr. Paras, a life leadership coach and recipient of the ICF ‘Young Leader Award’, 2018 spearheads all life and leadership development training programs conducted by Matrrix. 

What is Life Coaching?

Have you ever noticed how certain people always have a successful streak while others often quit even before trying? The truth about success are the trials and tribulations that are often hidden behind multiple layers of attempts and failures before one tastes success. A life coach is the one who taps your hidden potential to make you work towards realizing your dreams irrespective of the obstacles or failures you may face, taking you closer to your goal with hope. 

A coach partners with you to change the way you think by awakening the power of your mind, one step at a time.

*Life coaching is not to be confused with therapy, wherein the latter helps people cope with their past incidents and behaviors.

A life coach is one who helps you see ahead to chalk out goals that give you results you desire. A coach uses his/her expertise and training with the latest techniques to guide a client to think logically, develop a vision, and respond to situations with a balanced approach. Life coaches hand over your power back to you, a power that was initially lost in phases of disappointment, disorientation, dissatisfaction, defeat, failures and more. 

It’s no wonder life coaches are known as ‘change facilitators’ or ‘courage catalysts’ as they empower you to find answers within your own self. Life coaching addresses all the specific needs of individuals for their personal or professional growth by identifying goals and an actionable plan.

Matrrix offers leadership training programs and life coaching sessions under the guidance of Dr. Paras. So, are you ready for the transformation and begin a creative partnership with your coach? 

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Who Needs a Life Leadership Coach?

Anyone and everyone who requires to change certain areas of their lives and rediscover their potential needs a life coach.

A great life coach nudges you in the right direction and is a supporting partner for your personal and professional goals.

How can you know if you need a life coach? 

Let’s find out.

  1. You are unable to create a vision. You may lack confidence or feel unclear about your current status in your professional or personal life. A life coach will make it easy for you to understand what you want and how to get there with confidence.
  2. You are unable to move on to the next level and often feel stuck either at work, marriage, love, divorce, and more. A life coach is a must to offer you unbiased opinions, guidance and show you the way forward.
  3. You hold self-limiting beliefs and have trouble to achieve your highest potential. A life coach helps you to work around your past issues and move forward with hope, self-belief, and confidence.
  4. You are confused about your goals. You may be starting a business or a new position but still feel unsure if you are on the right track. A life coach will help you examine your own goals, current situation, identify what you truly want and also nudge you to make efforts in the right direction.
  5. You do not have a sound plan. A life coach will help you with your vision as well as a plan by using the best strategies for success.
  6. You want to take your life to the next level. In this case, you can take that leap of faith with the guidance of a life coach who will help you identify your strengths and focus on opportunities to ensure you can step out of the comfort zone with ease.
  7. You hold many fears. Fear often blocks many people to discover new facets of their personalities. A life coach transforms the way you think to bring a shift in your thought patterns by focusing on your strengths.

Matrrix offers exclusive life leadership coaching in India. We can also arrange for a client visit or on-site training anywhere across India. We offer online leadership development training programs as well.

Which Areas are Covered by Matrrix for Life Coaching?

The Matrrix Life Leadership Development Training programs cover a broad range of areas. These are inclusive of 33 sessions for people seeking life leadership coaching in India for various areas.

We offer professional coaching for:

  • Career (Selection, migration to a new role, performance, etc.)
  • Personal Relationships (Marital, divorce, mindfulness, pre-marriage issues, etc.)
  • Health (Physical fitness, emotional issues, focus on diet, lifestyle changes, etc.)
  • Finance (Goal planning, retirement, life planning, debt management, etc.)
  • Social Awareness (Public speaking, personality development, Image management, communication skills, etc.)

Click here to view and select your preferred areas for life leadership coaching in India and fill in your details for a quote. Are you feeling confused about your coaching requirement? You can write to [email protected] for details. Information shared with Matrrix is always confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1)What is Life Leadership Coaching?

A Life Leadership Coach partners with people to develop their own potential. Life Leadership Coaching is about being a catalyst for change.

2) Does professional coaching help?

Professional coaching works in every sphere of life for sports personalities, executives, leadership roles, celebrities, homemakers and more. A certified coach is in great demand in the industry!

3) What are the various types of leadership training programs?

Matrrix offers a broad range of training programs for individuals and corporates. Please go through the services section for more information.

4) Which areas does life leadership coaching help with?

Life leadership coaching is useful for career development, personal growth, health, finance, social awareness, and more.

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