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Matrrix Webinars by Dr. Paras

Matrrix is a premium coaching and training firm based in Pune, India. Led by ICF-certified Coach Dr. Paras, Matrrix offers international certifications in diverse areas such as Coaching, Mindfulness, NLP, Counseling, Mentor Coaching, and more. These experiential learning programs are tailor-made for an international audience and certified through authentic sources. Refer to the schedule for the latest program details. We recommend you to book your seat in advance. For questions, write to [email protected].

Schedule CategoryProgram TitleDurationEvent DateLocationTrainer 
MindfulnessMindfulness Practitioner® Level-1 (ICF Accredited)3 months07 Jul 2022 7:00 pm to 04 Aug 2022 9:00 pm   Virtual Dr. ParasLearn More
NLPLicensed NLP Practitioner™ - Dr Richard Bandler3 months15 Apr 2022 10:00 am to 10 Jun 2022 6:00 pm   Face to Face (India -Pune)Dr. ParasLearn More
HypnotherapyACHE - Level 1 (Foundational)3 months17 Sep 2022 10:00 am to 19 Sep 2022 5:00 pm   Face to Face (3 full days) Pune https://goo.gl/maps/irNexrdVGEKMSkTo7 Dr. ParasLearn More
Mentor CoachingMentoring1021 Jun 2022 7:30 pm to 16 Aug 2022 8:30 pm   VirtualDr. ParasLearn More
MindfulnessMindfulness Practitioner® Level-1 (ICF Accredited)3 months07 Sep 2022 7:00 pm to 05 Oct 2022 9:00 pm   VirtualDr. ParasLearn More
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