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Professional Excellence Program

Signature Series Program to Develop a Winning Attitude for Life

Professional Excellence Program


Suitable for: Junior Management |Duration: 2 Days | Hours: 16 | Cost: Request a Quote | Maximum people in a group: 15 - 20 people | Location: On-site

The Professional Excellence Program (PEP) by Matrrix is the best leadership training program that is devised for all professionals at the junior management level. Millennials in particular, find this program as an excellent platform to ace their skills and prepare themselves for the corporate journey ahead. Individuals who have joined this program have developed a winning attitude in life, making them excel in their professional and personal areas.

The Professional Excellence Program shapes every individual to turn into inspiring leaders at work and set higher benchmarks for self and teams. This is highly recommended for all millennials.

At Matrrix, we train and coach effectively to nurture these thoughts as we partner with millennials to create the ideal role models for the workplace. With the Professional Excellence Program, our clients build better relationships at work, making successful decisions along the way while leading, motivating and influencing strong business actions.


The Matrrix Professional Excellence Program is developed to maximize a client’s personal and professional potential. Our methodologies used a systemized approach. We seek to develop 7 core competencies that bring massive changes to one’s professional outlook. Clients who have undergone the Professional Excellence program at Matrrix, have noted behavioral changes with a positive approach in their thinking, feeling, and actions.

The PEP uses a combination of simulation activities, coach-led discussions, and experiential learning along with Psychometric Assessments tests, roleplays with a touch of humor, case studies and much more. The process of learning starts with a pre-assessment program followed by a leadership training program and is concluded with a post-assessment test. More details in the structure section.


The program is formed with the objective to inculcate a positive attitude and winning attitude in professionals.

The Professional Excellence Program extends for 2 days. Hours: 16


The PEP has a range of activities that are designed to assist participants in knowing how to prepare themselves for their professional journey ahead. The program gives a deeper outlook enabling every participant to think differently using excellent strategies.

  • Optimistic Approach: Participants learn to develop a positive outlook with exciting activities and coach-led discussions. These are aimed to bring the focus on promoting positive self-talk. Individuals also learn to eradicate negative talk that creates self-doubts - often a hindrance for most aspiring leaders.
  • Company Vision and Self-Purpose: The program assists professionals to develop a sound understanding of the mission and vision statement by paying attention to the end users (customers). They learn to focus on the required behavioral changes, understand the importance of a job profile (difference between a job and a role) and its alignment to their purpose. This helps them gain higher satisfaction levels from their work.
  • Time Management: This is a most important skill required for prioritization and timely completion of tasks. Individuals learn to focus on excellent organizing skills and avoid procrastination - the latter being one of the major causes that can hamper one’s career growth.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: PEP also includes 7 important ways to avoid breakdowns in communication. This is important considering many professionals often display incorrect methods of communication (lack of listening skills, defensive responses, breach of confidential conversations, etc.).
  • Excellent Stress Management: All participants also learn effective stress management skills. This includes multiple techniques designed to work with the modern challenges of a work environment.
  • Professional Methods for Conflict Management: PEP has a focus on conflict management, where participants learn to manage, predict, and resolve conflicts with ease. A person learns to equip oneself with the right skills required to handle conflicts using all the tools and techniques mentioned in this program.

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The PEP runs on the philosophy to develop individuals into all-rounded professionals who can embark upon every challenge with a winning attitude. Apart from developing a positive mental framework, every individual learns important strategies aimed at self-development. They also imbibe all the essential methodologies required for career excellence. The philosophy of this program prepares individuals for high-performance roles turning them into successful leaders and achievers.

The philosophy of Dr. Paras, an ICF and EMCC certified coach, being to Inspire, Empower and Transform, are ingrained deeply into every teaching methodology offered by Matrrix. He leads the Professional Excellence Program using a combination of techniques that best display his sound global experience spanning 14 years.


The PEP program includes a focus on developing these 7 core competencies for every professional.

  1. Communication Skills: The ability to understand the culture, and systems and learning to communicate with clarity. Can empathize with different generations and shows sensitivity towards self/others styles of learning processing and responding. Ability to question for clarification and being non-defensive while sharing information.
  2. Self-awareness: The course ensures increased self-awareness and systemic awareness empowering individuals with the ability to observe and reflect their thoughts, actions, and behaviors on a daily basis.
  3. Accountability: Learns to be responsible for all activities related to personal and professional growth while maintaining confidentiality. The ability to identify from one’s mistakes and developing a deeper understanding of the impact of one’s behavior upon others using a 360-degree view.
  4. Self-Confidence: Displays trust in one’s capabilities, the drive to confidently accomplish one’s goals. Approaches every task with a positive attitude.
  5. Decision Making: Shows responsibility and awareness of beliefs and values and how strategies and environment can be aligned to achieve a congruence in thinking, feeling, and actions as a result of sound decision-making skills.
  6. Planning: The ability to plan and prioritize effectively with active coordination involving all the relevant stakeholders. Is proactive to determine and design the sequence of activities as per order of importance required to achieve long and short-term goals. Can reduce stress levels with impeccable planning and strategy skills.
  7. Conflict Management: Has the ability to understand the different frame of references of people. Shows great self-control in a stressful environment by being accountable for a collaborative outcome.


The Matrrix Professional Excellence Program is a multidisciplinary learning approach devised to equip millennials to develop the best methods and attitudes for their professional life. It helps a professional gain meaningful insights to his/her own behavior and bring about a transformation benefiting self and organization.

A participant benefits in many ways with the Professional Excellence Program. We list a few.

  1. Develop a winning attitude towards life.
  2. Strive for excellence - learn to treat every person as a potential customer.
  3. Improved performance levels with zero tolerance for procrastination
  4. Excellent communication skills with an awareness of avoiding breakdowns at the workplace.
  5. Effective conflict management skills - vital for millennials as they scale the corporate ladder.
  6. The ability to destress from physical and mental fatigue

Our Professional Excellence Program is approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

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