Breaking Barriers to build an Emotionally Strong India


What is Tava-Mitram?

Tava-Mitram is a Pune-based not-for-profit, initiative by the *Iinner Universe Education Foundation (I.U.E.F). Tava-Mitram has been formed with an aim to build an emotionally strong India. Founded in 2016 by Dr. Paras and Ms. Ekktaa Daithankar, Tava-Mitram is on a mission to transform every person to rebuild their lives. With the help of group coaching methods, Tava-Mitram helps the less-fortunate to heal themselves, and take charge of their lives, one step at a time. The organization uses coaching to heal the mind, body, and soul. The not-for-profit group partners with people to find and define their purpose as they acknowledge their pain, and learn to release it to embrace a new life.

Are you constantly dragging your emotional baggage that may range from relationship issues, unfulfilled career goals, internal conflicts, procrastination, or traumatic life experiences? No matter your reason, we are here to support. Click here to join our 3-month sessions for absolutely no charge to boost your self-confidence levels, decision-making skills, and develop a larger clarity for life! Visit our Facebook page for details of the schedule.

Are you motivated to empower people and spread some cheer? If you are looking to rebuild our nation, click here to join hands with Tava-Mitram and be a Mitra coach to make that difference. Every little help goes a long way!

Tava-Mitram is truly ‘your friend’ partnering with an individual to rebuild self-esteem levels while discovering the meaning of life.

Read more about the *I.U.E.F. Know more about Dr. Paras and Ms. Ekktaa Daithankar.

Transforming India through Coaching

The group has a mission to transform every person irrespective of their backgrounds and past/current traumas giving them the hope to rebuild their lives again. Tava-Mitram also has the vision to facilitate 100 such self-help groups (20 people each) by the year 2020. The plans include seminars in various forums to increase self-awareness among people. All Mitra coaches have completed 240 hours of training under the able supervision of Dr. Paras for every session.

How you can help: If you’re looking to heal India to create emotionally strong citizens, then we have the right opportunity to convert your passion into astounding results. Click here to apply as a Mitra Coach.

If you need the assistance of coaching to enjoy a peaceful and rewarding life, do not hesitate to write to us.

*As we receive many emails, we require time to respond to each one in detail. Thank you for your patience!


Tava-Mitram is a unique concept by Dr. Paras, a Life Leadership Coach with numerous awards to his credit. This is a not-for-profit group founded by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. Tava-Mitram is engaged in building the future of tomorrow through the power of group coaching. You can participate to be coached or offer to mentor as a volunteer, while getting coached during the process. The service is entirely complimentary.

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How does Tava-Mitram work to make a difference?

Tava-Mitram is bringing a wave of change in India for the less-fortunate.

In this group, an individual can find a sacred space to heal their emotional wounds by giving them the much-needed boost to spread their wings. The group is aimed to support people and make them realize their own potential for eliminating the need to live with the long-term consequences of their past experiences and traumas or current internal conflicts. With a greater awareness of the self, there is an opportunity to heal and begin a transformation process.

You can also be a part of the healing process. Join us as a Mitra Coach if you are equally passionate about bringing a change.

Are you Looking for Support?

Need a helping hand? A friend with a non-biased approach and one you can trust? Someone who will help you find your key to happiness?

Tava-Mitram (your friend/dost) is only an SMS away to begin your coaching sessions. Send an SMS to +91 90-55-56-57-58 (Time: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday - Saturday) or write to [email protected] to know details. All confidentiality is maintained for the group coaching sessions and we do not share email IDs or phone numbers with third-parties. If you are looking for a stress-free life and want to overcome emotional trauma, don’t hesitate to drop by at our Facebook page for the schedule of the next batch.

Who can Join as a Mitra Coach or a Participant

Anyone who seeks positivity with an aim to construct a better life despite external circumstances can join.

Join Now to register and attend the 3-month session.

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Know Someone who Needs Support?

Tava-Mitram is NOT a platform for clinically diagnosed psychiatric patients, people with proven mental and behavioral disorders. This is NOT to be confused with counseling and therapeutic services.

Tava-Mitram is the support system for the less-fortunate. We are working towards inspiring, empowering, and transforming lives so do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We aim to help people overcome their emotional issues and discover the strength that lies hidden under layers of trauma often causing self-doubts and negativity.

Come, let’s take that step from fear to love. Visit the Tava-Mitram website here.

Session Details:

  1. 3 months registration required for those interested in group coaching. We do not charge any fee to access our coaching.
  2. Duration: Two-hour group coaching sessions every 15 days. 6 sessions in 3 months.
  3. You can register again to continue an added 3-month session.
  4. Age Group: 18-60 years
  5. Languages Used: Hindi, Marathi, and English

You cannot aim to bring a change unless your desire stems from within. All sessions require complete commitment from participants and coaches.

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