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Suitable for Aspiring Trainers to Display High Level Techniques in Stress Management

Stress Management


Matrrix presents Train the Trainer program on stress management to create effective outcomes with the most authentic certification in the industry by Dr. Paras.

When professionals cannot manage stress, it manages them. The modern day work pressures are on the rise with connectivity being 24X7 in the digital age. High-pressure jobs in every industry causes stress and if not handled well, the reactions spread across an entire team. Trainers who are able to impart stress management techniques effectively and show the ability to cope with the pressures are in great demand in the corporate world. Stress management programs are the most suitable way to empower professionals to manage stress while maintaining a great sense of balance at work. At Matrrix, the Train the Trainer program is devised to help trainers provide valuable stress management techniques with increased awareness about stress while learning how to deliver the most effective and engaging stress management workshops. 

As a trainer, your goal would be to learn how to deliver stress management programs based on the tools and techniques defined in the Matrrix Train the Trainer guide. You enhance your skills in training while learning to partner with corporates to create more opportunities by engaging effectively and providing a value-based service. 

The Train the Trainer program content is tailored to reflect the problem-areas of the corporates and how trainers can resolve the same with the help of sound methodologies and exercise materials as outlined in the course program below. Our accelerated learning techniques ensure all participants get a broader view on stress management while developing practical solutions for team management. The Matrrix Stress Management program for trainers is an all-encompassing solution for those looking to scale their skills and break barriers in the corporate world. Conceptualized by master trainer Dr. Paras, trainers can embark upon their corporate journey effortlessly with credentials by Matrrix, leading to a highly fulfilling career.


The Matrrix Stress Management Train the Trainer program is developed to maximize a client’s personal and professional potential. Our methodologies used a systemized approach. We seek to develop 11 core competencies that bring massive changes to one’s stress management approach. Clients who have undergone the Stress Management Train the Trainer program at Matrrix, have noted an improved thought process while learning the art of staying calm in a demanding environment.

The process of learning starts with a pre-assessment program followed by a training program and is concluded with a post-assessment test.

The methodology is based on the Adult learning process, aimed at reinforcement and retention of learnings, coach-led discussions, group discussions, meditations, assessments, experiential learning and much more. All these form a part of the Stress Management Train the Trainer program.


The Stress Management Train the Trainer program extends for 2 days.


This program is a powerful combination of techniques and methodologies aimed to guide professionals to manage his/her own stress levels and relation with others. The session includes understanding the basic principles of effective stress management skills with a strong focus on understanding the underlying cause of stress. Participants learn to differentiate between ‘stress’ and ‘pressure’ while developing different approaches to stress management.

  1. The program highlights the problems associated with stress, its impact on mental and physical health as well as the long-term effects.
  2. One learns to observe thoughts to understand how a response can be changed with a simple change in thinking along with a look at the fight/flight/freeze response system.
  3. There is an in-depth look at the various approaches to stress management with the help of powerful techniques such as REBT (Rational Emotional Behavior Technique) by Albert Ellies, Affirmation techniques, Hypnosis techniques, a Step 6 technique created exclusively by Dr. Paras, the Laughter Therapy and the NLP technique. All these are aimed to impart sound knowledge for effective stress management for all.
  4. Participants learn to prioritize better and overcome procrastination.
  5. There is a strong focus on Mindfulness - participants learn self-awareness as well as an awareness of their surroundings, focus on the present moment and the importance of achieving a fine balance while retaining energy levels at work.
  6. All professionals are taught to understand and work around dysfunctional emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, etc.
  7. An in-depth look at the drivers and injunctions from Transactional Analysis. With this method, one understands how to understand one’s own life script based on the messages one receives from others (parents, people around us).
  8. Professionals learn how their thought processes can be changed to use rational and counter thinking and reduce stress levels.
  9. The 2-day session also includes sound meditation techniques to combat stress at every level.

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Our Stress Management Train the Trainer programs are devised to bring a positive transformation in every client we partner with. We ensure all professionals are equipped to handle stress using a combination of methods. By empowering them with effective strategies, we ensure they demonstrate the highest levels of thinking patterns as they learn to tap into their own potential. Matrrix uses a step-by-step process where individuals develop a robust view about their self and their connection with others.

The philosophy of Dr. Paras, an ICF and EMCC certified coach, being to Inspire, Empower and Transform, are ingrained deeply into every teaching methodology offered by Matrrix. He leads the Train the Trainer program using a combination of techniques that best display his sound global experience spanning 14 years.


The Stress Management program includes a focus on developing these 11 core competencies for every professional.

  1. Self-awareness: The course ensures increased self-awareness and systemic awareness empowering individuals with the ability to observe and reflect their thoughts, actions, and behaviors on a daily basis.
  2. Mindfulness: Develops a higher level of consciousness of the present moment and becoming mindful about self, others, and the environment.
  3. Emotional Intelligence: Displays high emotional intelligence levels with an awareness of one’s own emotions. Has the ability to control emotions as per the situation and knows how to handle interpersonal relations in an empathetic manner.
  4. Accountability: Learns to be responsible for all activities related to personal and professional growth while maintaining confidentiality. The ability to identify from one’s mistakes and developing a deeper understanding of the impact of one’s behavior upon others using a 360-degree view.
  5. Mindlessness: Develops the ability to be mindful and then reach a space of nothingness, and reaching the peak of being reflective and aware.
  6. Planning: The ability to plan and prioritize effectively with active coordination involving all the relevant stakeholders. Is proactive to determine and design the sequence of activities as per order of importance required to achieve long and short-term goals. Can reduce stress levels with impeccable planning and strategy skills.
  7. Multi-Tasker: Manages multiple tasks while handling stress levels on a personal level as well as in relation to others.
  8. Considerate Approach: The professional learns to manage responsibilities and delegate tasks with a considerate approach. He/she learns to share information and suggestions and displays confidence in others’ abilities.
  9. Sociable: Displays social, emotional, and cognitive skills, and a professional approach towards others.
  10. Analytical Thinking: The ability to apply one’s logic to resolve problems with a focus on completing the task in a systematic and logical manner while recognizing the cause and effect.
  11. Communication Skills: The ability to understand the culture, and systems and learning to communicate with clarity. Can empathize with different generations and shows sensitivity towards self/others styles of learning processing and responding. Ability to question for clarification and being non-defensive while sharing information.


The Matrrix Stress Management Train the Trainer program is a multidisciplinary learning approach devised to equip aspiring leaders to develop the best methods to manage difficult situations at every level. It helps a professional to gain valuable insights to analyze a situation, understand the reasons behind the stress and master the techniques.

  1. Higher levels of self-awareness
  2. Improved understanding of the need to develop one’s thought process and apply the same to different situations
  3. A higher level of understanding the importance of maintaining relations at work
  4. A calm approach towards everyone at work in all situations
  5. Develops the ability to manage energy, can achieve balance and handle work issues with a neutral approach
  6. Shows great social skills, has the ability to handle different personalities and resolve every stressful situation
  7. The natural ability to retain productivity levels with a close eye on work atmosphere
  8. Easily identify and predict stressful situations, work towards eradicating them

Our Stress Management program is approved by the Iinner Universe Education Foundation. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

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